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Bidding Project List

The following are projects for which we are currently accepting bids.

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ProjectBH OfficeOwnerBid OpeningDescription
DAC - Sleepy Farms WW Collection Sys Las Cruces Dona Ana County 2/16/2022 The project consists of the construction of one (1) duplex lift station, approximately 4,500 linear feet of 8-inch gravity sewer collection pipeline and 5,000 linear feet of 4-inch sewer force main . The installation of these facilities will allow DAC Utilities to expand their Wastewater Collection System, provide sewer services to an additional 30 property owners, and support additional developments in the adjacent areas.
DAC - Vado LS Num7 Upgrades Las Cruces Dona Ana County 2/16/2022 The project consists of the rehabilitation of Vado Lift Station 7 which includes new submersible pumps, stainless steel piping, floats, accessories, and power/control panels, new access hatches, electrical work, generator, odor control system, and chain-link fencing. As part of this contract, 30 residential sewer service connections will be made to the DAC Utilities Sleepy Farms Wastewater collection system, and their existing septic tanks will be decommissioned to minimize the potential of groundwater contamination.
DAMDWCA - Parking Lot Improvements Las Cruces Dona Ana MDWCA 2/17/2022 The Project consists of constructing street and drainage improvements including, subgrade prep., base course and hot mix paving and drainage improvements of local residential streets.
DAMDWCA DA Village LS and Forcemain Las Cruces Dona Ana MDWCA 2/28/2022 The project will include installation of a new C-900 and Ductile Iron 12” forcemain with isolation valves, air/vacuum relief valves, connections, ancillary piping, bores, surfacing replacement. Additionally, lift station improvements including replacement of submersible pumps, drop pipes, valves, guide rails, chains, coatings and concrete restoration, hatch and concrete lid, vent, packaged biological odor control system, flow meter, electrical component replacements and upgrades. Alternative 1 manhole rehabilitation includes cleaning, restoration and epoxy coating. Bypass pumping is required in various locations.
DAMDWCA Water Storage Tanks Rehabilitation Las Cruces Dona Ana MDWCA 2/8/2022 The Project consists of the rehabilitation of four potable water steel storage tanks for Dona Ana Mutual Domestic Water Consumers Association at the South and North Site locations. The South tank site includes a 1MG and 0.5MG tank; the North tank site includes a 2MG and 0.5MG tank. All of these tanks will be thoroughly inspected for corrosion and cleaned, blasted, and coated on both the interior and exterior of the tank. Modifications to both tanks and their appurtenances will be performed to conform to AWWA-D100-11 and applicable OSHA standards. Lead abatement will be required on the South 0.5MG tank as part of this project.
Hatch Gateway Sign Las Cruces Village of Hatch 2/15/2022 The Project consists of constructing two signs at the Hatch I-25 exit and one sign at NM-26 & NM-187.

Recently Opened Bids

ProjectBid Opening
LRGPWWA Mesq-Brazito WW P2 1/20/2022
La Union MDSandWA Photovoltaic Addition 1/6/2022
Maple Street Bridge Replacement 12/17/2021