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Bidding Project List

The following are projects for which we are currently accepting bids.

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ProjectBH OfficeOwnerBid OpeningDescription
Clovis Reuse Phase 1D Albuquerque City of Clovis 12/10/2019 The project is located in the City of Clovis in the County of Curry, New Mexico. The work will include: Construction of approximately 5,840 L.F. of 18-inch diameter and 500 L.F. of 16-inch Reuse Transmission Pipeline; 1-Million-gallon composite elevated storage tank including earthwork, foundation, piping, disinfection equipment and piping, RTU and electrical; Construction of approximately 7,500 L.F. of 3-inch to 12-inch diameter Reuse Distribution Pipeline and 4 Connections to the Transmission Line.
Red River Hatchery Bridge Albuquerque NMDGF 12/5/2019 The work consists of installation of new bridge deck to replace the existing bridge deck on the access road to the Red River Fish Hatchery. The bridge deck shall be made of pre-cast panel sections and shipped to the site prior to construction. The bridge is the only access to the hatchery, removal and replacement of the bridge deck must occur within a thirty (30) consecutive calendar day period. The shut-down of the bridge must be coordinated closely with the NMDGF

Recently Opened Bids

ProjectBid Opening
Knife Gate Valves Upper Tansil Dam 12/3/2019
DAC Jetport Reconstruct Runway 10-28 DAC Bid No. 19-0046 6/25/2019